SEO far beyond words

SEO far beyond words – Much talk about SEO these days, in the recent past, a lot was pointed to ranges of correct words, tags, taxonomies, etc, to have a better positioning in search systems such as Google , Bing, among others. We will see SEO much beyond words.

Technology has evolved and the world has changed, search engines have had smarter, more complex algorithms and old SEO concepts, which until then were used and technically solve almost everything and that seemed complete, get lost in a universe of new Trends and new requisitions for placements.

The process of doing an SEO on a website, ceased to be just the right word resources hit and happened to be too:

– questioning the speed of the provider where the site is,

– the conceptualization of the technology used in its programming (especially if it is “responsive” – ​​the adaptation of a website to very different equipment – cell phones, computers, laptops, TVs),

– the way your files are delivered to your client and the level of your compaction,

– its relevance and reputation in terms of the internet,

– the quality and exclusivity of their texts, in addition to the absence of plagiarism.

All this, nowadays, punctuate your site in search systems and the absence of some of the correct items can penalize it drastically, among many other requirements currently created.

Sometimes the customer comes to us and informs us that your site is a long way from the first pages of search engines, far from ideal.

When starting the diagnosis, the first thing you notice are the traditional basic errors:

– extremely heavy images,
– poor quality of texts (often plagiarized from other sites),
– old and problematic programming, with obsolete resources,
– little interaction of content,
– several different domains, no websites, only with redirectors pointing to the central site.

All this penalizes the site, making it fall positions and more positions.

Often, it is best to create a new site with more up-to-date features and higher punctuation changes.

The SEO has evolved and stopped being something for amateurs, it started to demand a much greater technical knowledge.

All these new features required by the search engines to punctuate a website were necessary due to the facility of frauds that existed in relation to the access of the sites to the first page of the search engines, using improper mechanisms.

When the search engine found fraud, banned or downgraded the scam site a lot, no longer allowing it to appear on the first page.

Current SEO is much more honest, believe me, improve the quality of your site more and more.

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Source: Jailson Jan

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