What we do?

Structural SEO Services – Structural Search Engine Optimization

Nowadays SEO has changed and it is not enough just to generate the best keywords to get a good score and appear on the first pages of the search engines.
Today’s search systems have become much more intelligent, with sophisticated algorithms that have come to consider the layout, the load, the type of programming structure, the number of file requests, the quantity and quality of external calls, notes, redirects , applicability for mobile media, among other directives.

Times have changed and require more technical and programming knowledge, much larger and much more critical, involving a range of knowledge and good practices.

Through Structural SEO, we can increase the performance of the site by manipulating its content, servers and other resources involved in its operation.
We really make your site increase the punctuation in the search systems, eliminating initially the occurrence of the errors, pointed out by these systems, we reorganized the form of the delivery of requests of your site, greatly improving the results shown through the pages speeds and, with several implementations, we managed to maintain your site for longer with good indexes.

What we do is a deep restructuring so that your site gains performance and has the maximum possible score, being raised by ranking systems in relation to their competition that is still in the past.

All the services presented below, serve to increase the performance and the presence in the search engines and indexers of the internet such as Google, Bing, Yahoo !, Ask, Alexa, HotBot, Altavista, AOL, Baidu, Sapo, Search, Aeiou, NetIndex, Duck Duck Go, Dogpile, Excite, WebCrawler, Entireweb, Teoma, Giga Blast, MetaCrawler, About, among others, thus generating better organic results by increasing visits and traffic to your site.

We sell a closed package of configurations (see the table in “Prices” the values), since one configuration depends on the other so that the results are the best possible.

– These services are for any type of site in professional providers, anywhere in the world, as long as they are not sites created by “farms”, such as: Wix, BlogSpot, etc.

– Sites built in WordPress have better answers regarding the settings, we inserted several SEO features, to increase the performance and improve the visualization by the search engines, etc.
This will help search engines improve the punctuation and presentation given to your site, so that it has a better response in loading time when called by browsers.

Google Boot Access – Settings for better access by Google robots and other search engines, correctly informing what exists on your site.

Select Words – Selection of the best words to generate a more consistent positioning of the website and to improve the presentation in the searches (keywords, goals tags, description and titles). This is the basics of SEO

Mobile Device Performance – Checks and corrections to improve mobile site access (mobile phones, tablets, etc).

Page Ranking and Page Speed ​​- Increased scoring on page ranking systems (Google pagespeed – gmetrix – pingdom).

Page Security – Increased site security (https) when the client needs and increase security for sites created in WordPress against hacking attacks (brutal force) and malware.

Accessibility – Checks and corrections in site accessibility.

Cache and “browser caching” – Creation of caches systems so that the site has a higher speed and response in the delivery of web pages.

Image Optimized – Optimization of existing images, used in the site, corrections in non-standard images, large, heavy, that hinder the load of the site.

Minify – Minimizing of files used in the site, for the purpose of increasing load speed and reducing or eliminating rendering blocks in content above the edge, dynamic load, etc.

Site Maps – Creation of “site maps” to improve site information for search engine robots.

Html Headers – Correction and improvements in site page headers to W3C Markup Validation Service standards.

Site Compression – Compression settings on the server, for site speed increase.

Crawler Write – Register in the main search engines to force the encounter.

Server Adjustments – File settings on the server-provider, where the site is located for proper operation.

Usually with the use and application of these resources, we allow the site to stay above 80