Iplan Engenharia e Construção

For Iplan Engenharia e Construção (Rio de Janeiro), we developed a portal that made the most of the company’s services information.

The user, when visiting the site, has the best experience when viewing it, being able to access it from mobile systems or from their computer.

With the division of menus into sessions it became easy to memorize where you searched or searched for certain information about the company.

The site has links to all the social networks of Iplan Engenharia e Construção and has buttons for automatic shares in various social networks, simply by clicking the visitor to generate a share on your personal network.
SEO processes were applied to this site.

Technologies used: WordPress, Javascript, Php, Css, Gimp, among others
Responsive (100% mobile fit): Yes
Created for: Iplan Engenharia e Construção / Tecer Comunicação
Date: 2018
WEB: Iplan Engineering and Construction

Creative soundtrack: Gilberto Gil, Chico Buarque, Anita, Pity, Aerosmith, Metalica, AC/DC, Iron Maiden e Raimundos


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