Francisswim Swimming Master

The Francisswim site/portal is a name in “master” swimming in the south of Brazil, directed by the swimmer Francismar Saviero, who together with his family maintains access to the swimming flame in Brazil.

For this client we developed a portal that represented his work, his effort and that had the soul of Brazilian swimming, with the founder’s touch, in the smallest details.

Several technologies have been used to create a pleasant and stimulating environment so that the user, when visiting the site, has the best experience when viewing it, being able to access it from their smartphone or from their computer. With the division into sessions became easy for the visitor, memorize where you read a certain text.
The site has links to all social networks of Francisswim and has buttons for automatic shares in various social networks by simply clicking.

The site/portal has a Blog and several other content areas, such as: Events, Articles, Marathons, Interviews, Partners, as well as an area for announcements and announcements.

The site centralizes innumerable currents of Brazilian swimming, such as open sea marathons, regional disputes, international swimming and pool tournaments.

Francismar is dedicated to promoting Brazilian swimming in a coherent and focused way, making the site a place of much information, attracting diverse types of swimming athletes.

An interesting part of the site are the interviews with professional swimmers of national and international renown and also with swimmers who stand out for their performances, thus transforming the site into a democratic swimming pool.

Technologies used: WordPress, Javascript, Php, Css, Gimp, among others
Responsive (100% mobile adaptation): Yes
Created for: Francismar Saviero
Date: 2017

Creative Soundtrack: Beach Boys, Beatles, Elvis Plesley, Led Zeppelin, Delfin, Sex Pistols and Coquetel Molotov


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