Elas e Eu (They and I)

For this site and portal Elas e Eu (They and I) of the Journalist Adriana B. Machado, we focus on the empowerment and the feminine soul, so that we can transmit through the portal all the sensitivity and all the powers of women for women.

The site has an ad area (top and sides), a contact area, in its themes the panels are: women’s empowerment, politics, law, women’s health, society, interviews and miscellaneous articles.

The portal site “Elas and I” is a new way to present the feminine look.

Technologies Used: WordPress, Javascript, Php, Css, Gimp, entre outras
Responsive (100% mobile adaptation): Sim
Created for: Jornalista Adriana B. Machado
Date: 2017
WEB: Site Elas e Eu

Creative Soundtrack: Chico Buarque, O Rappa, Bob Marley, Queen, R.E.M., Pork Soda, Offspring and Infectious Grooves

Elas e Eu

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